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Mouse Tails: Trevors New Friend

Updated: Jun 12

One warm and sunny afternoon  I came across a mouse.

It was my old friend Trever, who lives in a brown boot tree house.

It was his companion that caught me completely by surprise,

and I couldn’t help but stare at them, except with widened eyes.

He was just a little kitten,  as cute and cuddly as could be.

His fur looked soft. It was white and orange and he had big blue eyes to see.

I thought to myself, what an odd pair of friends a kitten and a mouse do make!

Doesn’t Trevor know that kittens become cats? Cats eat mice for heavens sake!

I quickly pulled Trevor off to the side to talk with him alone.

I told him all my fears about his friend and what he would become when he was grown.

I explained that presently it might be difficult to realize,

Someday that kitten would grow into a cat at least twice his current size.

With paws full of razor sharp claws and pointy white teeth jam-packed in it’s jaws!

I told him cats hunt mice and that it wasn’t safe to keep him close.

Cats may eat alot of things but they enjoy the mice the most!

Trevor waited patiently and listened to my speech before he began his own.

He told me that the kitten was a very good friend of his  and that I shouldn’t judge him by his furry cat  appearance alone.

“But Cats and mice don’t get along and that is a simple fact!”

He took a breath and calmly asked me not to overreact.

Trevor assured me not to worry about his new friend whose name was Darien.

He told me Darien was no threat to him because he was a vegetarian!

After that I sat on a bench and I watched them play and frolic about the park. They ran, skipped, climbed, and jumped until it was nearly dark.

Darien the kitten was a good friend to Trevor it seemed,

And from their tiny faces, two happy smiles beamed.

Trevor taught me another lesson that day, to always keep an open mind.

You never know just what kind of a friend you might find.

…Later on I was thinking about that new kitten, he was so sweet.

I wondered if  Darien is a vegetarian...  what did he like to eat??


*Friends come in many shapes, sizes and forms. It best to keep and open mind and always treat others kindly.

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