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The Great Race

Updated: Apr 10

Once there was to be held a great race. The prize for which was very desirable.

All of Trevor’s friends were excited about the race and preparing themselves for the event.

“Are you racing too Trevor?” His friend the squirrel  inquired.

“Not planning on it” Trevor replied.

“Are you not tempted by the prize?”

“Yes of course I’d love to win, but I’m not sure that I can…The birds can fly, you can leap from tree branch to tree branch, the fox can run much faster than I.

I don’t stand a chance.”

After much persuasion, at last Trevor agreed to join in on the race. When the day finally arrived, it was a gloomy, windy and rainy day. But because the prize could spoil, the race couldn’t be delayed. Off they went, the racers each racing in their own way and to their best advantages. However, the birds couldn’t fly very straight because the wind was in their faces. The squirrel couldn’t leap from tree to tree for how the branches trashed about. The fox didn’t show up, he doesn’t like the rain. Meanwhile, Trevor scurried comfortably through a narrow underground tunnel he had dug. He popped his tiny head out of the tunnel just before the finish line and much to his surprise he had won the prize.

*If you don’t participate, you can’t win.*

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